do i maintain this page?
yes i do.


fun! free! 


sites I visit often because I like them [mostly blogs and comics]:

books&writers 50 Books
all consuming/lists of bests/43 things/robot co-op blog
bookslut blog henry sene yee designs
good evening
a journey round my skull
neil gaiman
the second pass
sparks fly up
art&design&craft apartment therapy blog
exploding dog: what links page would be complete without it?
found magazine
how about orange...
ouno design
people&blogs my friend Alex is always traveling somewhere. This is his blog.
all my gettings
crazy white girl with a kitchen
defective yeti
dispatches from the island
the erin o'brien owner's manual for human beings
extended cake mix
felicia day > blog
ironic sans
jonathan coulton
mighty girl [/mighty goods]
my aim is true
comics cat and girl
toothpaste for dinner
geeks&tech ars technica
wow insider: this is a blog about world of warcraft. Just because I read it, doesn't mean you should.
pirates&otherstuff 826 Valencia pirate store log
barbara ehrenreich [at the huffington post]
the consumerist
damn interesting
futility closet
get rich slowly
go fug yourself
overheard in the office
mcsweeney's lists
postcards from yo mama
the vancouver aquarium otter cam single-handedly prevents me from going insane at work.

they have good things you can buy:

abe used book exchange. They have EVERYTHING.
better world books
deviant art store buy art that's not from IKEA
etsy: buy arts and crafts and handmade stuff. [some of my favourite etsy shops]
ex libris anonymous: beautiful journals made from old books.
glarkware: "my girlfriend can beat up your girlfriend" shirts, and other novelties.
nokomis: my favourite clothing store in edmonton
thinkgeek clothes and geek toys
threadless tshirts are a democracy
tiny showcase

library, copyright and information stuff

library juice blog
Creative Commons
The American Library Association: Banned and Challenged Books
bookcrossing: a project to share, lose, and find books.
booklend: a lending library by post
The Edmonton Streetcar Library
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Freedom to Read Canada
Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom (FLIF)
gnod is an artificial intelligence system that recommends books, movies and music.
The Internet Public Library
Jorge Luis Borges' The Library of Babel.
Lawrence Lessig advocate for loose copyright, digital culture, and the public domain.
Librarian Avengers
LibraryThing: lets you indulge in the pure nerdiness of cataloguing your own book collection.
McSweeney's Dispatches from a Public Librarian
Michael Geist
The Prelinger Archives: thousands of public domain "ephemeral" films. Free for downloading and reuse-- that's hot.
Project Gutenberg is a collection of thousands of free e-books.
The Straight Dope: cecil adams answers the world's reference questions.
The User Is Not Broken

art, crafts, cooking, DIY, and mail art projects

postsecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail their secrets on a homemade postcard.
cut out + keep
cooking for engineers
ready made magazine it's like martha stewart on speed.
the edmonton small press association
1000 journals

The category I like to call "other stuff"

the lost love project
big things (one of my obsessions)
the fray
word spy

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last updated june 8, 2009